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G e a r  L i s t

Sound Devices 664 6 multi track recorder

5 Lectrosonics 411A wireless microphones

5 Lectrosonics SMQV transmitters

5 Sanken COS-11D lavs

Schoeps MK41 microphone

Schoeps CMTI-5U microphone

Lectrosonics UT wireless hand held microphone

Lectrosonics IFB system w/ 4 receivers

Denecke Time code slate

2 Time code sync boxes ( lock kits )

2 K-Tec boom poles – 9FT, 12FT

Various wind protection ( boom & lavs )


PA system

Fender 6 channel mixer

2 15" EV Speakers

10 microphone stands

2000 feet of XLR cables

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